Conversion Kit for LV Cosmetic Pouch GM


Our ever so popular Conversion Kits are the perfect way to change your Cosmetic pouch into a crossbody delight! This kit comes with 2 Beautiful D Clips and a handmade lovely Liner, a 120cm Soft Gold flat chain which is a perfect colour match to the Monogram Cosmetic pouches hardware. 


This kit is for the LV Cosmetic Pouch GM Only... 

The Kit works in 4 easy steps as shown in the photos attached.

You will need a small 'Phillips' Screwdriver to fit the beautiful 'D' Clips to the Pouch, the Chain attaches to the 'D' Clip and the Liner fits neatly inside the pouch to protect the insides.

Step 1 …. Unscrew and D-Bar from one side of the D-Ring.

Step 2 …. Using a tiny screwdriver, thread the bar through the opening above the diamond vachetta tag. This may be a little tight depending on the size of the opening.

Step 3 …. Once through to the other side of the tag, screw the bar into the other side of the D-Ring until firmly in place.

Step 4, Repeat Steps 1-3 to the other side of your Cosmetic Pouch GM Clips both ends of your chain onto the D-Rings Et Voila! …. The Perfect Cosmetic Pouch Conversion Kit 


Please Note:- Handbag Angels take no responsibility for any damage caused when fitting the D Clips to the Pouch. The pictures show the way we have done it as an example only, and the buyer does this at there own risk. This Conversion Kit is different to the others we supply given the design on the Cosmetic Pouch.

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