Conversion Kit for Nice Mini

Convert your Louis Vuitton Nice Mini Vanity Case into a wonderful Crossbody Handbag with the Handbag Angels Conversion Kit!

Our Magical Conversion Kit contains a Handmade, Felt Liner in the style of your choice, a Gold Chain in the length of your choice, a Pair of D Rings and a Felt Chain Pouch! There is also the option of adding one of our lovely Handle Bandeaus, to protect the Vachetta Leather Handle *Recommended*

Step 1 - Attach the D Rings to the Vachetta Loops

Step 2 - Wrap the Vachetta Handle in a Handle Bandeau (Optional, however recommended)

Step 3 - Attach the chain, and you are ready to go!

Please see our YouTube video for an in-depth tutorial!

**IMPORTANT NOTICE** We advise removing the d-Rings & Chain when you are not using the Nice Mini as a cross body, and to store them in the provided Chain Pouch.
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