3 Set Kirigami Conversion Kit - Design your own

3SETKIRIGAMI - 68 / 70 / 73

Design your own Pochette Kirigami Set of 3 ... Our Conversion Kits turn the Large & Medium Pochette Kirigami into a Shoulder or Crossbody delight and turn the Small Pochette Kirigami into a cute Handbag Charm.

Our Kit includes :

A Riveted Large Pochette Kirigami Liner.

A Riveted Medium Pochette Kirigami Liner.

1 X 120cm Chain for use with both Large & Medium Size.

A Riveted Small Pochette Kirigami Liner with a 20cm chain.

A Chain Pouch to store your chains when not in use.

Et Voila .... All 3 Conversion kits in one beautiful set.

 Please Note .... If this set is for the new Escale Range (as photo)) we would recommend the following colours ... 

Large - Whisper Pink 

Medium - Midnight Blue

Small - Scarlett Red

All with Silver Hardware.


 If this kit is for the Monogram Range we would recommend ....

 Large - Whisper Pink

Medium - Scarlett Red

Small - Hot Magenta


Please Note ... The Escale LV Pochette Kirigami items are not included with the conversion kits, only the liners and hardware are supplied. The photos are used for demonstration purposes only.



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